White Cat by Holly Black (Spoilers)

If you want to read the spoiler, highlight between the two ♈ symbols. For those using the Word Press Reader: the text between the two symbols won’t be hidden – so if you don’t want the story to be spoiled, look away when you get to the ♈ symbols or visit my actual site to avoid them.

Well this was a fun little read! Well — listen. This has been on my TBR list since August of 2017 (thank you Cait over at Paper Fury for putting it there in the first place). In preparation for my Mount TBR Challenge for 2019 I added a bunch of books on my TBR to my Overdrive account and I alternated between Audio and E-books. Whenever I need something to listen to at work, or the weather is bad when I’m driving, I just pull up my Overdrive account, filter everything out so that only items that are immediately available are shown and pick my next read based off of my mood. I’ve had a heavy workload at work lately so I was specifically looking for something a little light to keep me distracted, so this book worked out well. This was also my first Holly Black book, though I have two other ones at home right now that I have to get to. 🤦

Jesse Eisenberg was the narrator for the audio book, which I initially thought would be terrible, but he was actually pretty great. He made sure that the speaking voices were varied and he definitely put a little oomph in to the performance. White Cat tells the story of Cassel Sharpe, a boy (young man) without magic surrounded by family members who do have magic; though in this world they’re called curse workers. And working people is illegal. So Cassel’s family is a passel of criminals and he’s kind of the odd man out, though he did murder his best friend Lila a few years ago so he fits in as a criminal at least. He gets suspended from school because he did a sleepwalking stint that ended up with a naked (or mostly nude..? – that’s the downside of audio books is I can’t open it up to check) Cassel on the roof of his school building in the middle of night calling out for help. After the subsequent suspension from school, Cassel is thrust back in to a daily routine with his family and he starts to notice that this white cat keeps popping up everywhere. He remembers it in his dream while he was sleepwalking and he runs in to a white cat at his mother’s house when he stays over to help clean it out. This cat is everywhere. And so begins Cassel’s journey to figuring out how exactly the white cat relates to him.

I thought this was a great little read with a fun new concept. I really liked the dysfunctionality of the Sharpe family. At first glance they seem to just be one big happy family, but once you delve a little deeper, they’re all a little bit messed up (though some are more messed up than others). In most books you see siblings that bicker but generally know how to get along with each other but then somehow can’t get along with other people. In this book, you have the reverse, and I thought that was very refreshing.

I had a slight issue with getting in to the story. I’ve noticed this before with other audio books that I’ve listened to and at this point I think it’s just me. I think I just have difficulty connecting to a story unless I’m reading it. Something about reading the words makes it sink in just a little more with me. 🤷 While I didn’t enjoy this book as much as Cait did, I still liked it and I think I’ll add the subsequent books to that TBR pile that I’m trying to wrangle.




🗣Talk to Me🗣

Would you do what Cassel did and re-write your relationship with your sibling to make them believe that you guys had a loving relationship? Even after they perpetuated your belief that you murdered someone?♈ I’m an only child so some of my readers with actual siblings (not just pet siblings) will have to help me out with this one – are you quick to forgive your siblings?


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