Well as all great stories begin, there once was a girl who liked to read. A lot. So much so in fact that she was continually advised and encouraged to create a blog cataloging all of her reviews and any reading paraphernalia that she wanted to share.


Whew, now that that third person nonsense is over, Hello one and all. My name is Hannah and I love to read. I don’t like to limit myself to specific genres because I love a good story no matter what the subject matter is but a few genres that I find myself consistently visiting are: Classics, adult fiction, adult nonfiction, suspense, mystery, thriller, romance, paranormal, biography/memoirs, history, historical fiction, travel, and young adult. I’m sure there are more but of course I can’t think of any right now.

In this day and age, I feel a sort of responsibility to warn you to “internet responsibly.” Any opinions expressed in my reviews are mine and mine alone. I created this blog so that I can express my views freely. FAIR WARNING: I can be brutally sarcastic. I fully expect people to disagree with my views, and that is totally okay. Human beings were designed to disagree, however, I would like to request that any comments or response posts be respectful of both me and your fellow posters. To be sure, I am not asking you to not disagree with me or others, but to do so respectfully. Nothing fosters a good discussion like disagreement.

A few things about my page you might be interested in:

Book of the Month Club

This is for those of you who have ever wanted to join a book club but were too shy, didn’t have the time, or were afraid you wouldn’t be able to read the book in time. I present this “Book of the Month Club” to you! A book club you can attend in the buff without that troublesome indecent exposure citation. 😉


  • The focus book of the month will be announced on the 15th of the month before along with a reading schedule for said book, all of which can be found under the appropriately named tab at the top of the page. (For example, if you wanted to join my Book Club starting in March, you would look for the book and reading schedule to be published on my site by February 15th) This way everybody that is participating has about 15 days to get their hands on a copy of the book. Suggestions for Book of the Month can be submitted via my contact page and will be taken in to consideration.
  • Follow the outline of the reading schedule. Reading days will be Sunday – Friday with my thoughts, musings, and questions for the week being posted on Saturday. Please feel free to comment along. All participation (no matter how big or small) is welcome, so long as it remains respectful to all parties participating.
  • THAT’S IT!!! It’s really that simple! At the end of the reading my review should show up on the Home Page and I would love to read yours! For those who participate I will be following you on your respective social media sites so I should be able to catch your review there. For those who don’t, I would be more than happy to have you e-mail me your thoughts.

Fiery Favorites

These are books which I am either constantly re-reading or ones I have only read once, but that I loved very dearly. These are books that I constantly recommend to people who ask me for book recommendations. If you choose to read them, I hope you love them just as much as I do. Please note: reviews for this book will appear under the appropriately named tab at the top of this page, as well as on the Home page.

I think that’s everything! Please explore!