Thick: And Other Essays by Tressie McMillan Cottom (No Spoilers)


What an excellent read! I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I have a new


Now, it wasn’t excellent in the sense that it was easy to read. In fact, at some moments I had to re-read passages a few times before the full meaning actually sunk in, but it was totally worth it. The 5 Flame rating is for how compelling this tiny book was and how much of a wallop in packed in so few pages. This was such a candid, powerful read. Don’t let those 224 pages fool you, this book packs a thick punch (pun intended).

I’m not going to unpack all eight of the essays in this review, but I do want to mention one in particular: Dying to be Competent. This one stuck with me well after I finished the book. As a white woman, I can’t speak to doctor’s questioning my competency due to my race, but as an overweight woman, I can confirm that I’ve definitely had my competency questioned by my doctors. Almost every single time I see my doctor for any issue other than an annual exam, I’m told that the issue most likely stems from the fact that I’m overweight. There is little to no delving in to my issue, it’s just written off on a surface level because I’m overweight. Knowing that I won’t be taken seriously when I go to the doctor because of my weight certainly makes me question the point of even going. I’ve only ever had one doctor treat me as a competent adult and unfortunately she discontinued her practice after only 5 or so years of me visiting her. 😔 I thought she was the rule, not the exception (and that is absolutely my white privilege showing). Subsequent experiences have taught me otherwise. My experience with having my competency questioned is only a very slight insight as to what black women (and probably men) go through on a regular basis.

I appreciate Tressie McMillan Cottom for opening my eyes and putting her words out there. They are vital and necessary in today’s climate. I was hanging on every word. She’s definitely a 🔥Fiery Female🔥 to watch. This is one of the highest rated books I’ve ever read and all I can say is: this book deserves all the hype and all the praise that I’ve seen from the book community. I’m definitely going to be checking out more of Cottom’s works and keep an eye out for future essay collections from her. I need them and the world needs them. 🌎

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