The Curse: Touch of Eternity by Emily Bold


Oh man, this was another of those books where the premise and synopsis sounded so promising, but the author just could not deliver. Although I will admit that the majority of my review comes from my extreme dislike of the over-dramatized writing that this author used. I understand that her target audience is teens and young adults but so was Stephanie Meyer’s and JK Rowling’s and their writing style did not suffer from it.

I will add the caveat that I believe this book was translated in to English and that it was primarily written in German. This could very well be a case of “lost in translation.” Goodreads was also kind enough to inform me that this was her first series to be translated in to English.

So the premise of this story is that 17-year-old Samantha goes on a school exchange (which takes place over the summer) to Scotland where she meets the mysterious and super attractive Payton (think Edward Cullen). She is immediately attracted to him and after maybe 3 visits with him, she decides she’s in love with him and vice versa. But Payton is hiding a secret. Due to an ancient curse, he is immortal. Not only that, but the curse was set upon him by, you guessed it, Samantha’s ancestor. Again, a really good premise but the dramatics of the writing really took away from the plot for me. I contemplated giving this book up numerous times, but I am not a quitter. At least when it comes to reading. And I skimmed most of the end of the book because the writing progressively got worse.

I’m all for purchasing cheap books on the Kindle when they go on sale, and I am a big believer in Kindle Unlimited. This book makes me glad that I didn’t actually purchase this one, that I was able to check it out on Unlimited because I would have been really disappointed if I had spent money on it.

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