Storm Siren by Mary Weber


I love stories that transport you in to the world of the characters; this being one of them. Nymia (Nym for short) is an extremely likable, relatable character, aside from the fact of course that she is a slave who has been sold to numerous owners and she can make it storm using her mind/body. She is what is known as an Elemental and she is the only female Elemental to exist, as far as this story goes. She’s brought to the attention of one of King Sedric’s most trusted advisors (Adora) when her storm kills a little girl at a slave market. Adora transports her to her own house and throws her in to training with Eogan and another elemental named Colin. Nym, who has spent a lifetime doing her best to conceal her abilities, is not put in a position where not only does she have to test her abilities, but she has to figure out how strong she actually is.

Nym is surrounded by people she doesn’t know and therefore doesn’t trust and she has to figure out which story she believes and who she can trust. Not easy for someone her age thrust in to a world she’s never been a part of. But the real question is whether or not Nym is willing to sacrifice her life for a country who enslaved her, which is an excellent questions for discussion.

I’m never sure who does the discussion questions at the end of the book (author or publisher) but whoever did them does an excellent job of taking an easily read story and applying difficult real-world questions at the end.

Definitely a quick, easy, interesting, good read. When I catch up on my to-read list I’ll probably end up checking out the other stories in this series.

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