2021 Reading Goals

Welcome to 2021 everyone! I hope you all had a safe, healthy and happy New Years celebration! As you can see, I’m back from quite a long hiatus and I’m looking forward to spending more of the upcoming year with all of you beautiful people. 🥰

My blog has always been strictly for my own personal enjoyment, so I don’t get too upset when I’m gone for long periods of time. But I wanted to start this year off right by sharing some of my Reading Goals that I have for this year, with all of you. They say that you should write your goals down to help you realize them, so I’m here to do just that. 😉

RG 1: Read 100 books

On a good year, I can read about 150 new books, while working full time and generally making my way through life. In 2020, however, I found that re-reads were my go to. Something about the comfort of a book that I already read, and knew what was going to happen seemed to be exactly what I needed to get through the CF that was 2020. 💩 And light, fluffy romance novels. Those helped a lot too. 😜 But in the past, I’ve never really logged re-reads and romance novels in to my Goodreads account, which leads me to…

RG 2: Log EVERY book I read in to Goodreads

Over the years I’ve cultivated this stigma in my head that Romance novels aren’t what “readers” read, and I’ve always loved being a reader. So in 2021, I’m going to be more accepting of the fact that I just love them. 😍 I’ll probably still steer clear of reviewing them on my blog (unless they’re new releases, because otherwise, there would just be SO many), but they deserve to be logged. I’ll be honest and say that I think that the 150 books I can read in a good year is a gross underestimation and for once, I’d like a more accurate picture of what I’m capable of.

RG 3: Restart my Book of the Month read along.

I love sharing my love of reading with others, and the BOTM was supposed to be a way for me to hold myself accountable and read more books that were kind of outside of my wheelhouse and, as many things in my life, that kind of fell off the wayside. But no matter, I’m here to pick it back up. As a shameless plug, I will totally admit that I am using my BOTM to FINALLY get to some of the books that have been laying around my house FOREVER. 🤦‍♀️ But I’m okay with that. I already have all of my books picked out for 2021 for my BOTM so keep an eye out for another post (probably Monday) with a list of all of them and how I plan to break down the reading schedule, and of course, feel free to join me for whatever month catches your fancy‼️

RG 4: Finish EVERY Book Club book

I’m currently a part of 2 book clubs (Reading Between the Wines, which is filled with my friends, and my office’s book club) that are filled with people that I know in real life, and one that is purely virtual on Goodreads (Old Books, New Readers), which I joined to help me make my way through the classics. And while I have rarely joined the Goodreads group, I have been TERRIBLE at keeping up with the books for the other two Book Clubs I’m a part of 😔 and I really, really want to be better about that. So as I write it here, so shall I manifest it throughout the year.

RG 5: Back to Book Blogging!!

I know you’ve all been anxiously awaiting for my feelings on books I’ve read 😒 and I’m happy to inform you that I plan to do just that in 2021. I’ve missed getting my thoughts together on what I’ve been reading.

I know. These are pretty ambitious goals. But my word for 2021 is “consistent” and I’m going to do my damndest to manifest consistency. I have high hopes for 2021, and I hope all of you do too! 💜 Here’s to seeing more of each other in the coming year! 🥂🍾

🗣Talk to Me🗣

What reading goals have you set for yourself for 2021? What about personal goals? Do you choose a word each year? If so, tell me your word for 2021!

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